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Youtube New Feature

Youtube’s New Feature For Desktop Allows Browsing While Watching Videos

Youtube’s New Feature That Is ‘Miniplayer’, Available For Desktop Version Of Youtube. This Feature Will Make You Able To Watch Videos In A Small Window While Browsing The Other Features Of Youtube Or Other Videos List. Youtube Has Announced This Feature This Year And We Have Seen This Feature In Youtube App In Our Smartphone And Now This Feature Is Also Available In Youtube’s Desktop Version.

The Smartphone Users Know This Feature Well, Wherein Users Click Go Back On Running Video On Youtube And It Camedown To The Bar At The Bottom And Rest Of Space Can Be Used For Browsing.

  • To Activate The ‘Miniplayer’ You Will First Have To Play A Video.

  • Now Move Your Cursor On The Video So That Youtube’s Menu Bar Appear. Youtube’s Menu Bar Appears Bottom Of The Video.

  • On Menu Right-Hand You Will See Four Icons.

  • Then Move Cursors To Miniplayer And Click On It.

  • Clicking On The Miniplayer Button Place The Video Box At The Bottom Corner Showing Title And Publisher

  • Pause/Play Button And Next Buttons Are Placed Between The Video Box And They Will Appear When You Move Your Cursor In The Box.

  • The Seek Bar Is Placed At The Bottom Of The Video Box.

  • And When You

    Double Click

    In The Video Box You Will Came Back To Main Video Screen.

It Is Also Knownable Thing That After Clicking On MiniPlayer Button You Will Navigated To The Last Page Of Youtube And If You Visited That Video Directly Than You Will Be Redirected To Youtube Homepage.

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