Which is Better? Amazon Prime Or Flipkart Plus

Which is Better? Amazon Prime Or Flipkart Plus

Amazon prime is a subscription of Amazon which gives you some benefits and Flipkart plus is a subscription for which you have to pay money not directly but indirectly. To Buy Flipkart plus subscription you should have at least 50 plus coins in your Flipkart account. So if we talk that how you will get the Flipkart Plus Coins, the answer is that you have to shop from Flipkart and then Flipkart will give you Flipkart Plus Coins.

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Flipkart will give you 1 Flipkart Plus Coin for 250Rs. Order and maximum give you 10 coins per order which means if you shop for more than 2500 or shop only for 2500 then you will get 10 Flipkart Plus Coins. So if we do some maths then we get we have to spend approx. 12500Rs. I will tell you again if you shop for 2500Rs. or more than the amount it, you only will get 10 Flipkart Plus Coins. When You Get 50 Flipkart Plus Coins, you will be able to get Flipkart Plus membership for 1 Year.

Benefits Of Amazon Prime & Flipkart Plus Membership :

On the other end, if we talk about Amazon Prime, it only costs Rs.999 for 1 Year and gives you many benefits like Prime Video, Prime Music or Amazon Music, Prime Reading and also gives you free one-day delivery on prime applicable products as well as also gives access to early access to latest deals. For more details about Amazon Prime membership, you can Click Here

If we talk about the benefits of Flipkart Plus membership, it allows getting free delivery on eligible products, early access to deals and also gives you benefits on some apps. For more details about Flipkart Plus, You can click here Flipkart Plus.

In conclusion, I just want to say that the Amazon Prime Membership is cheap and also give you more benefits than Flipkart Plus Membership. It should also be in your mind that if you use Flipkart regularly then Flipkart Plus Membership is good for you.

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I guess both are beneficial because Amazon is offering awesome benifits and even the Flipkart pus zome also.