What is VPN & How It Works


VPN is defined in full form as Virtual Private Network. It is like a tunnel which transfers the data with a secured connection. As it is like a tunnel so that the outsiders or attackers wouldn’t be allowed to come inside and your data will be safe. These are best for security but only when the server to which you are connected will not share any data with any other party.

What is VPN :

As the above image shows, it works same like this. The first step is to connect to a VPN server using login credentials then if you are authorised, you will get an IP address from server-side and you’re ready to move. The infrastructure of this is very costly but companies like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are giving it at an affordable price. Some top and fast providers are below in the list so if you want to buy then buy from the below-given links. It will really help us.

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ExpressVPN :

It has quite fast service as compared to other providers and also safe because it’s server has not been hacked by anyone and they do great job of keeping servers safe. It has 3000+ servers in 160 server locations and it is in almost 94 countries, which is a quite big number as compared to others. At last, If you are a LastPass user, then you’ll get 30-day free trial for ExpressVPN.

NordVPN :

It is another popular VPN provider and quite fast as well but as per security reasons, we want to tell you that NordVPN has confirmed that it’s been hacked. But it may be possible that it has improved a lot since that hack and recently it has launched colocated servers to increase security. It has 5500+ servers in 59 countries.

Hotspot Shield :

It is an another well known, fast and safe VPN provider as there is not any type of news of data breach or hacking. It’s price is lower than compared to others in this list. It has 1800+ servers in 80+ countries. Ookla has given it the World’s Fastest VPN of 2019.

Usability of VPN :

These are used for security and some people use this to unblock websites using a proxy. So let’s talk about these factors.

  1. For Security Purpose: As we have already told you above that VPNs work by making a secure tunnel layer between you and the proxy server. For this reason, these are popular so much. These are also being used by companies on a larger scale so that employees may work securely being on the same network. It helps in decreasing the chances of data breach at a better level. It is better for security purpose but sometimes due to some vulnerabilities or any type of misconfiguration may cause data breaches may happen as you have seen the NordVPN example above. So VPNs are good for security but you should be wise in choosing a VPN service. Another use of these is to hide the IP addresses, this is a good idea to hide your actual IP address.
  2. For Proxy Use: VPNs are also used by people not only for security purposes but also for Proxy purpose. By using this as a proxy, helps users to unblock websites which are banned in there countries’. Even in some companies, employees use this proxy feature to access their home computer or laptop from their office. So this proxy technology is making a huge difference.

Sometimes it may possible that you will think that is it illegal to use a VPN for a proxy? The answer for this is if you are doing illegal activities such as hacking then it is illegal rather than it is legal. But in some countries, it is illegal to use a VPN for any reason. You may read the full list of the countries here who have banned VPNs. If you are thinking of doing wrong activities and you have an idea that no-one will catch you as your IP address is hidden then you are wrong.

It is true that your IP address is hidden because of using VPN but you should keep noticing that your IP is being captured by VPN so if there will be a problem then, in that case, police officials may ask the VPN provider to give details and then you’ll be caught.

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