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Lights Out
Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

How To Use Lights Out Mode on Twitter

Lights Out Mode of Twitter was recently rolled out. It was most awaiting mode because this mode has many plus points like it uses less power as well as it does not harm our eyes as compared to the default or regular mode. The display which shows white light doesn’t it is, there is blue light which seems like white. Using smartphones, as well as computers at late night or at dark place, can damage our body in many ways like headache, eye strain and this type of light can also damage our devices’ battery.

It uses a pure black colour look and it is designed to turn off the pixels on the screen to reduce light emission. To announce the lights out mode, Twitter tweeted a tweet announcing that Twitter has its proper dark mode called “Lights Out” mode and is available for the web version, iOS but there is not any mention of Android in the tweet. This mode will be expected to roll out for Android in September 2019. Recently Facebook also rolled out the dark mode for Messenger and some other companies are also working on it to provide better UX(User Experience).

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How To Use Lights Out Mode:

  • Open then on the left side panel click on More button. 
  • Then in the next menu click on Display option. 
  • Now You can set lights out Mode. 

You can do this in a different way. What you have to do is to click on More, click on the settings and privacy. Then in general settings click on display and select Lights Out mode. Along with this you also can change the colours as well as the font size of the texts.

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