How to Use Instagram Music in Your Stories

Use Instagram Music

Instagram Music is a feature by which you can place a song into your story and it was announced on June 28, 2018. Using this feature, you can express about yourself in the story with the song. You can do a lot of fun like lip-syncing as well as you can use lyrics in your story. You can choose songs by popularity, moods, genres and you can also search for the song which you want to use in your story. You can place songs in your story with three types as of now which are by showing lyrics, by using thumbnail, by using small thumbnail.

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How to Use Instagram Music:

Instagram Music is an easy-to-use feature like adding other features in an Instagram story like adding location, mentioning someone. To use this firstly open your Instagram app and click on add story button. You can find the add story button on the top left of the app. Now select the content which you want to add to the story and follow the steps below:-

  • Now open story features to add Instagram Music Instagram Music
  • Here you will find Music button click on it.
  • Search for your music or you can also select music by popularity, moods and genres.
  • Now it is on you that in which way you want to use the song as lyrics, thumbnail. You can also select the song part.

It has not all songs but you can search for the songs if it is or not in its library. Choosing a song for the story is quite easy, you can do this just by checking lyrics and setting a song as per your requirement. Instagram recently has launched this feature in India. This option is best for lip-syncing to show someone that you are singing.

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