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Chrome Hidden Bottom Toolbar

How to Use Chrome Hidden Bottom Toolbar in Android

Google Chrome has a hidden toolbar and it can be seen in the bottom but to see it, you have to follow some simple steps. Today almost every browser has its toolbar on top but Google Chrome has chosen to put it on bottom of the browser. This Chrome’s hidden bottom toolbar is pronounced as “Chrome Duet” and it seems that Google has thought upper toolbar as the first one that’s why it is named Duet because it is secondary. Currently, it is an experimental option so it is not necessary that it will come with this name or it is also possible that Google will withdraw this feature if Google thinks that it is not a good choice.

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But as of now, if we see this feature from our view then we will definitely say that this feature will make browser surfing much easier as it will become easier to share content with others as well as if we have to come to home then we just have to press a button from the bottom toolbar. This feature will also make easier to search instantly without moving our hand to the search bar. About this toolbar, a google user has already told on Google Chrome Help form but at that time it was not noticed but it is visible for everyone by using Chrome’s flags option.

How to Use Chrome Hidden Bottom Toolbar :

Note: As this feature is experimental and part of chrome’s flags, using or enabling this feature may result in crashes or any other issues so be careful about this. In our testing, Google Chrome has not stopped or crashed or we have not seen any issue but if you see crashes or any issue then Disable this feature.

  • Open Google Chrome at first and then go to the URL bar and type Chrome://flags 
  • After it search for Chrome Duet as shown in the image below  
  • Then enable it by selecting the Enabled option 
  • Then click on Relaunch button to restart the browser 
  • And now you can see a new toolbar at the bottom of the browser 


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