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Google Drive

How To Upgrade Google Drive Storage

Google Drive is the most popular and highest free storage giving company. Google Drive gives you 15GB of storage for free to save and upload files to the cloud. Some other company also provides free storage like Microsoft’s OneDrive and iCloud. To recall, Google One is launched back on 15 August last year. Microsoft’s OneDrive in this row gives you 5GB free storage which if we consider is less than the Google Drive storage. So let’s think about it, if you cross the free storage limit then you have to buy the storage.

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Google also gives you the storage option and to do this you have to choose the storage plan from the list and have to pay to get the storage. Google had already announced its new service which is called Google One. This service is launched to provide you the storage plans so that you can upgrade your Google Account’s or Google Drive’s storage. These plans are set on a monthly and annual basis. The upgradation plans start from 100GB/month and up to 30GB per month.

To upgrade the plan you have to open Google One to select the storage plan. Google One is a subscription service which will give you access to across all Google platforms like Google Drive, Google Photos. It also gives you extra benefits such as you get access to share your membership with your family with up to 5 members. Google also added “one-tap” customer support to the other Google products. So if we talk about the pricing of the storage plans, the first plan starts from 100GB/Month at $1.99 which move further to 30TB/Month at $299.99. For full pricing of the storage upgrade plan, you can move to this page Pricing Of Google One. You can also download the app from Google Play Store.

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