How to Stop Someone to Add in WhatsApp Group

How to Stop Someone to Add in WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group is an option for many people to interact with a bunch of people but sometimes it is used to annoy you as someone adds you to in a group and you don’t want to be in that group and you exit it but again someone adds you. So to overcome from the problem, WhatsApp has provided a feature to choose who can add you in a group. This new feature was revealed by WhatsApp on 3 April 2019, and WhatsApp announced in its blog post.

The feature says “who can add me to groups” and it has three options which are Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody. This feature is made so that you will not be annoyed by anyone. Not only annoying, but these groups also take memory in your smartphone which can be a cause of system slowdown. For example, if there are many people are in the group and they are used to send images, videos and some other kinds of stuff so in that situation, you will delete the chats, images, videos and other stuff from that WhatsApp Group. At a moment, it is also possible that you will exit that group. So it will be better to not join that group.

Steps to Stop Someone to Add in WhatsApp Group :

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on the three-dots which are on the top right in WhatsApp
  • Click on Settings
  • Then click on Account
  • Open Privacy option
  • Then move to Groups option and click on it
  • Now here select what you want. If you don’t have any problem to be added in the group by anyone then select ‘Everyone’. If you want to be added by your contacts then select ‘My Contacts’. If you don’t want to be added by someone then you will have to select the ‘Nobody’ option.

WhatsApp Group is good for people who are in a firm, company or in a big industry as well as it is also useful for people who want to share one information with a lot of people. WhatsApp has completed its 10 Years in 2019 and shared some memories about how it is started and now how it is working. At first, WhatsApp was launched for iPhone and then in 2010, it comes on Android. This feature of WhatsApp gives users safety from being spammed.

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