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How to Spend Less Time On Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant. It has 1.59 billion daily active users as of June 2019. Facebook has not given specific data about how much a person uses Facebook daily or how much a person spends time on it. But the report of GWI(Global Web Index) suggests that a person spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networks. This data suggests how we are wasting our time on social media. So spending less time on Facebook will make changes to our lives because if we will spend less time on Facebook then there will be more time for other things like doing work or something.

You can also find the latest stats of users on Facebook Newsroom. Social media is good but using for a longer time will unsocialized you from the real world. So here we are talking about how we can spend less time on Facebook. This can not be done quickly or easily because when you are being addicted to Facebook or social media, it becomes hard to leave it or divert our mind from it. But everything is possible what you have to do is to follow the steps below.

Spend Less Time On Facebook:

Spending Less Time on Facebook will make you socialize in the real world. Here you can see four ways by which you will be able to spend less time on Facebook.

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1. Unfollow All of The Pages to Spend Less Time On Facebook :

Unfollowing all of the pages on Facebook is a great option to spend less time on Facebook because when you unfollowed the pages there will not be any type of notification from them as well as your news feed will be empty. Facebook also suggests some pages when you follow some pages so if you unfollow them Facebook will no more suggest pages. Some fun pages will make you happy but you have to be in control and unfollow and unlike them because these types of pages are the major cause of filling your Facebook Newsfeed. This will definitely will help in wiping your Facebook Newsfeed.

2. Set Daily Time Reminder Of Usage in Facebook App:

Facebook app has a feature in which you can see how much time you have spent on Facebook and if you think you want to use less then you have to set daily time reminder. This will give you a reminder when you reach that limit it will show you that you’ve spent 1 hour and 10 minutes on Facebook Today. If you want to change the limit you can also do that by clicking Edit Reminder in that notification. You can also a screenshot below for better understanding.

3. Unfriend Friends:

Unfriend those friends who post frequently or daily because these are also a part of filling your Facebook Newsfeed and engaging you to use Facebook more. You can also unfollow them as a second option if you don’t want to unfriend them but a proper method is to unfriend them or you can also block them.

It is not necessary to unfriend all friends but it depends on you. If you want to unfriend all of the friends you can do that or you can just unfollow them so that your newsfeed will not be filled by their posts.

4. Use Messenger:

If you just want to use facebook for chatting or messaging so that you can only use messenger. Messenger is also from Facebook but if you want to chat with someone and don’t want to use Facebook then you can download the messenger from Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. This will help you to leave Facebook and will not engage in the newsfeed which is full of videos, photos and other stuff.


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