How To Save A WebPage As PDF in Google Chrome

How To Save A WebPage As PDF in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has an option to save a webpage as PDF easily. When someone opens a website and needs some text then the person copies it but it can get necessary sometimes to take the photo or screenshot of it but if we send it in PDF then it becomes easier to print it. It is easy to create a PDF in Chrome.

There are also some websites which help you to generate a webpage’s pdf but sometimes these website’s generates home of websites like Facebook, Twitter and other websites which asks first you to log in. For example, if you type it only converts the main homepage of Facebook, not logged in the page that’s why browsers’ print option is better than the others because when you press the required key for print, the browsers print the exact which is displaying on the screen of the browser. To do this in Google Chrome, You have to follow these steps.

How to Save WebPage as PDF in Google Chrome :

  • You can do this by pressing short-key or opening settings so to do this by short-key you have to press Ctrl+P or you can click on three dots which are top right of the browser. Then you have to click on Print… 
  • After it, you have to Select the destination, layout and pages. Destination means which type you want to save file or print the file. In more settings option you can select Paper size, margins and more. 
  • Once you made it ready click on Save and it will be saved as PDF.



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