How To Save Instagram Story On Your Devices

Instagram Story

Instagram is a very big social media platform and in social media, there is a new trend to post a story on their social handle. The story will visible for the only 24hrs that’s why the people share their daily life images, videos.

Sometimes you also want to add the story of your friend or other persons’ on your Instagram account but the social media platform doesn’t allow you to download it directly. While you can use the Instagram API to download the story or you can use a screen recorder to record the video or on the other way, you can also take a screenshot of the image or video.

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But the screen recording and screenshot taking methods are not much real but if you use Instagram API, it can make help of you by providing real image or video from the story.

There are some websites which use Instagram API’s to easily download someone’s video or image of the story. For example, I have taken InstaView it also provides you with the service to download the posted photos and Videos on the Instagram wall. So if you want to download the Instagram story you have to follow the steps below :

  • At first, open InstaView and paste the username in the box. Make sure that the Instagram profile is visible otherwise it will not work.
  • Then click on the Download Now button.
  • Then it will show you the profile image, if you want to download the story of that Profile then click on the Download Now button which is displaying under the profile.
  • And Now you will able to see the story of the Instagram Profile and also able to see how much time the story will be visible.
  • To download the story simply click on the Download Now button below the story and wow it is downloaded.

Bonus: You can also download the Uploaded image and video by following the same procedure but you just have to paste the post link to download it.

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