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Reverse Image

How To Reverse Image Search On Google

Reverse Image search makes a great sense when we or someone wants to search an image which he/she has but don’t know what it is. It also happens sometimes that we found an image which is so complicated and you don’t know what is it and then you want to get knowledge about that image so the solution of it you can use Google reverse image search.  Sometimes we see an image and then want to see the same type of images but we were unable to find the exact type of images.

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Google reverse image search is a new type of search term in which you have to upload an image to Google image search and then Google will recognise it and give you result about it as well as it will also show you the same type of images and search results. So to do this you have to follow the steps below:-

Using Reverse Image Search On PC:

Using Google reverse image search on a PC is an easy method. If you have a PC then just open Google image search and then click on the Camera. After it, you will see two options the first option is to paste the URL of the image and the second option is to upload an image. If you want to upload the image then click on the Upload An Image button and then upload the file by clicking on Choose File button. If you want to find the information of the image which you have seen on Facebook, Insta or another place then select the first option Paste Image URL and then type the URL of the image and click on the Search by image button.

Using Reverse Image Search On Smartphone:

Using Google reverse image search on a Smartphone is a little bit complicated but it is also easy. The first step is to open Google Image Search and the next step is to click on three dots in Google Chrome and click on Request Desktop Site because when you open Google image search on your smartphone you will not find the Camera icon on it. When it got opened like desktop then just follow the steps mentioned in the above paragraph.




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