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Instagram adds new photo description feature

Instagram is getting more accessible and in this way Instagram announced a new series of feature on Wednesday that are implemented for those with visual impaired on Instagram. The Alt Text feature will enable users to hear a description of the photos uploaded on to the Instagram’s Network. This feature of Instagram is called Alt Text feature.

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There will be two ways for photos to receive an alt text. The first one is using AI. Instagram will use object recognition technology to automatically generate description of photos that can be read by screen readers. It will be available for photos across Instagram feed as well as their own profile and the explore function.

Instagram Alt Text Feature

The second way for alternative text to be provided is directly from users, which enables them to create more detailed description of a photo when it is being uploaded. This feature works when you upload a photo then you will see a advanced settings option below and by clicking on it you will be able to see ‘Write Alt Text’ and clicking on it you will be able to write custom Alt text. The update will be available from Wednesday.

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