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India Tops In Google Play Store Ranking With 36.9 Billion Downloads Over 7 Years: Know More

India tops on Google Play Store in the way of downloading apps. In India, 36.9 Billion apps downloaded from Google Play Store between January 2012 and August 2018 which is the highest among all countries.

In The Same time period, The Global downloads were 330 Billion and from these 330 billion downloads India has a downloading share of 11.2 percent. The United States is on the second place with downloading 35.1 Billion and on the third position is Brazil with 25.2 Billion app downloads, on the fourth position is Russia with 15.9 billion app downloads and on the fifth place is Indonesia with a downloading amount of 14.6 billion.

India Tops In Google Play Store App Downloads
Pic Credit: App Annie

Reports are showing that India took the top place from 2016 with the highest download amount before that US and Brazil were ahead of India. In terms of spending, Japan takes the top position with $25.1 Billion dollars which were spent by users to get paid apps. US takes the second position on this basis with $19.3 Billion dollars followed by South Korea ($11.2 Billion), Germany ($3.1 Billion) and Taiwan($2.7 Billion). On this basis, India has not in the top 10 list.

If app downloads of Google Play Store and Apple App Store are compared, India is not on top in Apple App Store, India is on the second rank whereas China is on the top place.

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