Huawei Confirmed It’s First Foldable Phone Also It’s First 5G Phone


There Is A Competition Between Huawei And Samsung To Release First Foldable Smartphone. Huawei’s Ken Hu Said That Company’s First 5G Phone Is Foldable And It Is Also Expected That This Phone Will Launch In Mid Of 2019(As In A Previous Launch Event Huawei Said That It’s First 5G Phone Will Launch In Mid Of 2019). Company’s Sub-brand Also Is Working On 5G Phones.

It Seems That Hu Wants To Beat Samsung By Releasing A Foldable Phone Before Samsung Launch And To Be The First Company To Launch Foldable Phones.

Samsung Has Pledged That It Will Be The First To Market To Launch Foldable Phones. It Doesn’t Matter That What Price Of These Phones Will Be.

The Foldable Smartphone War Could Start In November When Samsung May take Wraps Off Galaxy X At Its Developer Conference.

Samsung’s CEO Confirmed That A Foldable Phone Will Launch Before The End Of The Year.

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