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WiFi Direct

How WiFi Direct Technology Works

WiFi Direct technology doesn’t have need of wires but it has need of a router which works as a connector of the devices. It doesn’t need any type of USB cable to connect a smartphone to any computer or laptop. In this process, the sender device has to install an FTP server to share the file to another device. This technology is called WiFi Direct and it is a technology which is faster than Bluetooth and convenient to use.

How WiFi Direct Technology Works:

We learn how it happens and what is the working behind this. At the first step, we have to connect both of the devices to the same router. Then on the sender’s device, we have to download an FTP server which creates an FTP address like, here will be your router’s address and 90 will be the protocol of the router. This address is used to see files of the device and also gives you access to download the file. Sharing files wirelessly use gives you a relief from using USB cables. 

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Basically here the router works like a gateway device to transfer files. This technology named as Wi-Fi Direct. This technology is faster than the Bluetooth but not fast than USB because wires are the best way to transfer files fastly. For example, Home broadband’s internet is faster than the cellular network because it comes through the wires. The USB cables are sometimes not available to transfer files so you can use this technology.

The speed of file sharing depends on your router’s speed of data transferring because when you a photo, video or any type of file requested by the receiver, it comes to the router first then the router moves the file to the receiver. But there is an issue which is that when you enable FTP address using FTP server like, the people who are connected to the same router will be able to see your files so when you are doing this secure your router with the password as well as also see that who are connected to that router if an unknown person you find connected to your router then quickly change password of the router. You can use this FTP server app for Android 

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