How To Use ‘Whatsapp Delete For Everyone’ Feature

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Latestly,WhatsApp has released an update that is so useful for everyone. In this new feature you can delete messages that are sent by you . This feature is useful for those people who accidentally messed up their messages to any person or in any group. This feature is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and as well as Desktop (WhatsApp Web).

If You want to use this feature so you and your friend have the latest version of WhatsApp. This feature is officially released by WhatsApp on 31st October,2017. This feature can be used in seven minutes from the time you have sent the message . It means that ‘Delete For Everyone’ option can be used in seven minutes from the message you have sent after seven minutes you can’t delete the message for everyone. To use this feature do the following steps :-
Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp.
After it open WhatsApp and select the message you have messed mistakenly.
Now click on Trash/Delete icon Now you can see the option ‘Delete For Everyone’ .
Click on it and now you can see a dialogue that the sent message will be replaced with “You Deleted This Message”. Also remember that if the other person has latest version then this feature work well if don’t then the recipients may see the message before it is deleted or if deletion was not successful.

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