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How to Use Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web

Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web can be used but with a short trick. This feature is not officially announced by the company that’s why it is better to say that this feature is not from the company. But it can be used for WhatsApp’s Web version. The company is working on dark mode version for Android but there is not any word when it will come. Since everyone knows that dark mode reduces battery consumption as well as it is also good for human eyes.

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Dark Mode is getting popular day-by-day because it is power efficient and also it looks cool. Android 10 has system-wide dark mode and iOS 11 or above also comes with dark mode. As the dark mode is not available for WhatsApp currently so you can try it in WhatsApp Web and get to know how WhatsApp will look. At first, WABetaInfo reported about this.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

Use Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web :

To use dark mode in WhatsApp Web you have to keep in mind that you are using the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and also you have to install stylus extension. Follow the steps below to use dark mode in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox :

In Google Chrome :

  • Install Stylus Extension from here
  • After successful installation of the extension, you have to install the dark theme from here by clicking on “Install Style” button.
  • Open WhatsApp Web and Enjoy dark mode.

In Mozilla Firefox :

The process of using Mozilla Firefox is almost the same as Google Chrome.

  • Install Stylus Extension from this link
  • Then Install the dark theme from this link
  • Now Open WhatsApp Web and Enjoy it in Dark Mode.

This extension gives you useability to easily from dark to normal mode. If you want to switch to standard mode, you have to choose “Turn all styles off” in plugin menu from the top right in chrome. It is said that WhatsApp is working on Dark Mode and also said that firstly it will roll out for iOS and after it for Android. As it is not officially announced by the company so it may be possible that the dark mode for WhatsApp Web will come later on. When the company will launch the dark mode feature for WhatsApp Web, it is possible that it will available in settings option on WhatsApp Web.

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