How To Take Screenshot In Windows PC

How To Take Screenshot In Windows PC

If you are using a Windows desktop than sometimes you want to take a screenshot in PC but you don’t know how it happens? So today we are talking that how you can take a screenshot of something in Windows laptop. Sometimes it is also got required when you want to show someone that what is on your screen. So here the ways from you can easily take a screenshot :

1. Using The Keyboard Shortcut PrtScn( Print Screen) or CTRL+PrtScn :

The first method we are telling you is to use the keyboard shortcut PrtScn(Print Screen) or CTRL+PrtScn. This method works on all Windows versions. On your keyboard, you have to press PrtScn( Print Screen) key or CTRL+PrtScn keys. After pressing the keys Windows will create a screenshot of the screen and save it to the clipboard. Next, You have to open an image editing software like Paint or any other you want and paste the picture from the clipboard to that image editing software. After it, you can save it or you can edit it.

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2. Using The Keyboard Shortcut Windows+PrtScn :

This method is for those who think that the first method is hard or who don’t want to use the long method. To take a screenshot using this way you have to press Windows+PrtScn key on your keyboard. Windows will store your screenshot in the Pictures library, in the Screenshot folder. The name of the file will be “Screenshot(number).png”. Here the number varies based on how many screenshots you have taken. Creating the file with the screenshot, Windows also places a copy of the screenshot in the clipboard.

If you are using Windows 10, then you can also find your Screenshots in the Photos app(if you are using). By going to ” Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots.”

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3. Using The Keyboard Shortcut Alt+PrtScn :

It is the third method, this method is used to take the screenshot of the active window. To do this open the window that you want to capture and press Alt+PrtScn on your keyboard. The screenshot is saved to the clipboard. Then open any image editor here we are using Paint, and paste the image. Here you can edit it or save it to your Windows laptop.

4. Using The Keyboard Shortcut Windows+Shift+S (Windows10 Only):

If you are using Windows 10, then this feature is for you. This feature will not work on other Windows versions than Windows 10. To do this, Press Windows+Shift+S, then the screen will be dimmed and a cursor will be shown, which you can use to take the screenshot of screen’s part. After the screen dimmed you have to left-click mouse button, draw the area that you want to capture and release the mouse button. If you have a touch screen then draw the area that you want to capture with your finger ( or pen) on the screen.

The screenshot is saved to the clipboard. Open Paint or any other image editor and paste the screenshot so that you can edit it and save it.

Note: In Some Keyboards PrtScn is written as PrtSc.


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