How To See Your Used Time On Facebook

How To See Your Used Time On Facebook

Facebook has implemented a new feature which shows you that how much time you used Facebook. The feature is detailed in August 2018 by Facebook, this feature is not fully opened as an example you can’t see it on the desktop even you can’t access this feature from other than the app. This feature won’t also don’t show you data if you uninstall the app and still using Facebook on the mobile web.

So here I will show you that how you can do this step by step –

At first, search on play store or apple app store that there is an update for Facebook or not. If the update is available then download it, after it open the Facebook App and click on More Button.

Then go to the end of the page and you will find Settings and Privacy option click on it and by clicking on it you will see an option which is called Your Time On Facebook Click on it. Then you will see a graph of the week, with your time usage.


It is expected that this tool will soon be available for Desktop/Web version of Facebook. You can also set a Timer, which is called “Daily Reminder”. You can set that how long you think that it’s good for you to be on Facebook and It will remind you to sign off once you reach that limit. This feature is available for both iOS and Android users. If you don’t see this feature in your app then wait for sometime it will be available soon for your device or for your Android version.



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