How To Resize A JPEG

Resize means to change again the size of something. The JPEG files are resizable and can be resize easily . To resize JPEG do these steps –

  1. Visit An image resizing website 

There are a lot of websites on the web if you want to see those websites search for ‘resize image ‘ the sites I found useful are include :-

2. I tried this project on Picresize So I will tell you resizing your pic on Picresize
3. So At first go to Picresize
4. When the website open then upload the jpeg file you want to resize by clicking on choose file , upload image or browse option
5.Use the resizing controls given on the site like dragging a box
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6.The second last option is to select compression of file . This feature is not available on all websites.Use this step only if these features are available if this feature is not available you can ignore this step . Higher compression will give you a small file size but it also decrease the quality in the image quality.
7. The last step is to Download the Resized image . Click the resize button to load new image that you have resized .You will able to see a preview of the changes you have done in the Image and download it.

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