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SMS Messages

How To Read & Send SMS Messages From Your PC

These days the use of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp is massive but sometimes normal SMS sending also got required. It sometimes happens that you want to send or read your SMS messages but the smartphone is not near you and you are using a laptop and at that situation, an idea comes in your mind to see all your SMS messages on the laptop. So here is the solution to it. SMS messages are also be used on occasions and SMS messages have also a vital use in companies to send OTPs’ and sending the confirmation messages.

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To the solution of it at first, you have to install the Android Messages app. If you have are already using it then update it to the latest version or if you have another default SMS messages app on your smartphone then you have to install it. After installing or updating the app you have to open the app and in the app, you have to click on three dots which are displaying on the top right corner of the app.

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Then the new window will open which says you to scan the QR code. Now open Android Messages Web version on your PC and scan the QR code which is displaying on the webpage. After a little while, you will see all your messages on your PC. If you want to send the messages you have to click on the “Start Chat” button.

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