How To Import Data From Rediffmail To Gmail

If you want to see all your emails in one place so this post can be help you . Today I am telling you how you can import data from Rediffmail to Gmail or how to get Rediffmail mails in one place . If you want to import data from Rediffmail to Gmail follow these simple instructions :-
1. Open and login to your gmail account .
2. When you got logged in there are two ways if you are opening gmail in computer or PC then refer to 3rd instruction but if you are not using a computer or using a mobile then go to and click on menu button that is in left side of the page then go to bottom and you will see a link DESKTOP click on it Now your Gmail got opened like Desktop .
3. Then click on settings when the window opened go to the bottom of the window and click on standard .
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4. Click on Gear button that is in top right of window then click on settings .
5. After it click on Accounts and Import when the window opened go to mail and contacts .
6. In mail and contacts click on Import from another address when you click on it a new wimdow will open .The import page is divided in steps .
7.At first step signin to your account by typing your email Id then click on continue then enter password for that account and click on continue .
8. Then in step 2 select import options what you want to import and click on start import and now your rediffmail mails being imported .

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