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Facebook Time

How To Fully Secure Your Facebook Account In Mobile

Facebook Is The Best Social Network In This Era If Someone’s Facebook Account Got Hacked It Is The Serious Issue. In The Solution Of It Facebook Enabled, A Feature Called Two Factor Authentication. This Feature Is Available From a Long Time But Some Of the People Use This Feature Because The Rest Of People Don’t Know To Use It. So Today I Am Telling Full Detail And Also Giving Full Knowledge That How It Works To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers. Two Factor Authentication Supports SMS Authentication But Now There Is A New Way That Is More Secure. In New Feature Of Two Factor Authentication Facebook Taking Help Of Google Authenticator.

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This Google App Randomly Generates OTP In Sometime. It Is A TOTP Based OTP. There is Three Type Of OTP: HOTP, TOTP, OCRA. Here We Are Discussing Google Authenticator So We Will Talk About TOTP Because Google Authenticator Is TOTP Based OTP Generator. TOTP Means After Sometime Like 5 sec, 10 sec A New OTP Will Be Generated. That Is Why It Is Best Way To Secure Your Account. So Now We Came To The Point That How To Enable Or Activate This Feature. To Activate This Feature There Are Two Ways First Is In Mobile And The Second One Is PC / Computer. So In This Post, We Will Talk About Setting Up This Feature In Mobile –

To Enable Or Activate This Feature At First Login To Your Facebook Account Then After It Click On Menu Button And Came To Depth Of The Page. Here You Can See Account Setting Button Click On It.

Click On Security And Login

When The Page Opens You Can See Security And Login Option Click On It . Here You Can See Use Two Factor Authentication Click On It.

Use Two Factor Authentication

Than In New Window Click On Get Started. Here After Verifying Your Password, You Will See Two Option Text Message, Authentication App. Click On Authentication App Button. You Can Also Use SMS Feature If You Want It.

Click On Authenticate App Button

If The Authentication App In Another Mobile So You Can Scan The Qr Code If You Have Same Mobile Then There You Can See A Button “Setup On Same Device” Click On It. When You Click On This Button You Will See A PopUp In Authenticator App That Says Save Key For ” Your Facebook Username”.

If You Are Not Using On the Same Device In Google Authenticator App Scan The QR Code Or You Can Also Type That Secret Key. To Scan QR Code Click On Begin And Click On Scan A Barcode And Scan That Code If You want to Type That Code So You Have To Click On “Enter a provided key”. In QR Scanning, it will Auto-Detect Your Facebook Username But In Key Option, You Have To Type Username. So I Recommend You To Use QR Option. The Next Step Is Same For Same Device Or Other Device.

Then Click On Ok And Your Account Will Be Saved For TOTP. Then On The Browser Click On Next Where You Leave. Then A New Window Will Ask You For Confirmation Code. To Find It Go To Authentication App And There You Can See 6 Digit Of Code. Write The Code In Confirmation Window Of Browser. After It, Click On Next And You Can See Two Factor Authentication Is On.

Two Factor Authentication On

In The Bottom Of This Window You Can See Allow Logins Without Code For 1 Week. Here Click ‘On’ Enables You That You Don’t Want This Feature For 1 Week. After It Click On Finish And Now Your Facebook Account Is Safe. To Setup This In PC I Will Tell You In Next Post. For Any Suggestion Or inconvenience Write Below.


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