How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook dark mode is a thing which was asked by every Facebook user and Last year, Facebook already announced in its Annual Developer Conference called F8 that it will bring new updated desktop design. This new updated design offers not only dark mode but many other customized icons. Facebook dark mode is also a most requested feature by its users and this time, it has been done by Facebook developers team. 


Features of New Facebook Layout:

As we already told you that this new Facebook layout offers many types of different features not only the dark theme but there are many other features updated. You can see the video below which was published by Facebook on Twitter showing the new Facebook Dark Mode.  

News Feed :

In the new Facebook design, we can see that the biggest changes are done on the News Feed. When you will move to the news feed of new Facebook, you will see Home, Friends, Watch, Groups menu icons on top of the news feed. You will also notice Group Conversations on the right hand of the news feed and if you notice, there is a message button with + icon on the bottom right of your news feed to message someone. 

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Facebook Dark Mode :

This is the most requested feature of Facebook. As this feature is battery saving and also reduces strain on our eyes, it has a much bigger fan following than the normal white layout. This feature was shown last year at the annual developer conference. Facebook has also added dark mode to the messenger.  

Other Features :

Facebook has also added a video on twitter describing how you can easily access the updated privacy checkup on the new Facebook layout. Facebook also added another video on twitter showing how you can easily create groups and add images, videos or any other stuff in it. 

Enable New Facebook Layout :

Toggling between Classic and New Facebook is easier by just clicking on a single button. These are the steps to enable the new Facebook layout.

  • To enable the new Facebook layout, you just have to click on the drop-down menu button. 
  • Then you have to click on Switch to New Facebook button. If Facebook is not reloading then you can manually refresh the page to see the changes. You can also see this Facebook Help Center Page

How to Revert Back to Classic Facebook :

Reverting back to classic Facebook is quite similar to switching to New Facebook.

  • Similar to enabling the new Facebook layout, you have to click on the drop-down menu button. 
  • Then after it, you have to click on Switch to Classic Facebook button. It is like doing On, Off a layout. 

Enable Facebook Dark Mode :

Facebook dark mode can only be turned on in the new Facebook layout so you will have to keep in mind that you have to use new Facebook layout otherwise you will not be able to do it. So if you are in the new Facebook layout, you can follow the steps below to get dark mode. 

  • Click on the drop-down button menu button. 
  • Then just above Switch to Classic Facebook button, you can see Dark Mode button. You can also see in the video above. 

This new Facebook layout is currently rolling out so it may be possible that you will not be able to see the Switch to New Facebook button. So for the solution to this, you can try two options which are :

  • You can wait for a while till this option come to you. 
  • The other option which you can take is to use a VPN service and in that, you can use the USA location to see this option.  
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