How To Disable Chrome Automatic Update in Windows 10

Dark mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser, used by 65% of the people worldwide. Google Chrome runs Automatic Update and checks for the latest version whenever you get connected to the internet.  The auto update also runs when you open help page of chrome and open “About Google Chrome” page. To check Chrome update you can use command URL in Google Chrome “chrome://settings/help” and see the auto update starts.

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Automatic updates are beneficial because updates keep your browser safe, secure, up to date, however, it happens sometimes that we don’t want to update but it runs automatically. So if you have more control over when and how to install the updates it will be better. So here we are telling you the steps –

  • On Windows, Go to C: drive.
  • Then Go to Program Files and Open Google, If Google is not in Program File then open Program Files(x86) and open Google.
  • Then Click on the “Update” folder. Opening Program Files
  • Here you will see “GoogleUpdate” application file, rename it with any name you want.
  • Then go to Chrome and open URL “chrome://settings/help”. You will see an error in the auto update like the screenshot below. Error In Auto Update
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