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archive whatsapp chats

How to Archive WhatsApp Chats or Groups

Archive WhatsApp Chats is a feature which is being used by many WhatsApp users in today’s time. WhatsApp Messenger is an app which comes with loads of options and features. From these many features, there is a feature named Archive chats. Basically, by archiving a chat you are moving it to a fixed category or a fixed box. In other words, you can say that you are hiding the chat from the normal chat list and moving it to another list to make it easier to organise your chats.

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What is Archive WhatsApp Chats Feature and How to Use It :

As the name suggests, this feature let you archive chats and move them from the main chat list to the archive chats list. Rather than this rest of the working is the same as sending messages, documents or doing video or voice call. This feature can also be called as blocking someone to be shown on the top or in the chat list. So let’s dive into the process of how to Archive WhatsApp Chats:

  • Open WhatsApp and then long tap on the chat which you want to archive.
  • Click on the archive button which looks like.
  • Now You have successfully archived that chat.

How to Unarchive WhatsApp Chats :

Now, If you have mistakenly added your chats to archive or if you want to unarchive the chats then you can it easily. If you want the solution of this problem then you don’t have to do large work. Simply follow the process below :

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger
  • Move to the bottom of chats
  • Now Here You will see a button which says Archive, Click on it. Note: If you archive one chat then it will show you 1 and it goes up as the no. Of archived chats increases.
  • In the archived chats menu, Long press on the chat which you want to make unarchived
  • Click on the Unarchive button and then the chat will come to normal chats menu.

You can also do the same thing if you want to archive a WhatsApp Group and this is quite similar to archiving normal chats so for archiving or unarchiving WhatsApp Group you have to follow Archive WhatsApp chat or you can use Unarchive WhatsApp chat to unarchive WhatsApp group. Furthermore, you can also visit WhatsApp’s FAQ page to find the other details.

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