Google’s Android Turns 10 Years Old

Google’s Android Turns 10 Years Old

Google is celebrating the tenth birthday of Android. Originally envisioned as a company that would provide advanced operating systems for digital cameras, Android Inc.(founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and chris white) would soon set its sights on the world of handsets, eventually convincing Google to acquire the company for $50 million in 2005.

Android is now powering over 2 billion active devices. It was originally launched in September 23, 2008. Of course, Android has originally been around for longer than 10 years. But as with all things Google, the actual birthday is caused for some confusion.

Now Google has posted October 22, 2018 as officially marking ten years of Android. Even Google CEO Sundar Pichai wished Android a Happy Birthday for October 22, 2018. The First smartphone of Android was HTC T-Mobile G1 which is known by the much more palatable name of the HTC Dream outside of the US.

Others also consider November 5, 2007 as the original birthday of Android, since that is when the beta was released, thought the software development kit(SDK) was rolled out later on November 12. By this logic Android has already turned 10 years last year. Here is the tweets of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Android –


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