Google Is Celebrating It’s 20th Anniversary With New Doodle

Google Is Celebrating It’s 20th Anniversary With New Doodle

On Thursday, Google Turned To 20. To Celebrate This Google Is Showing Doodle On And When You Click On This Doodle You Will See A Video In Which Google Is Showing Interested Searches Through The Years.

Google’s Mission Is To Organize The World’s Information And Make It Universally Accessible And Useful So That From The First Side Of The Earth To The Other Side Information Can Be Seen.

From It’s Start There Is Many Type Of Difference. On Its Starting, It Was A Simple Search Engine And Now It Is Best Search Engine. Google Offers Searching In 150+ Languages In 190 Countries. The One Thing That Is Constant From Initial Years That Is Doodle.

The Video Is Showing Doodles From Beginning To Its 20th Anniversary. Although More Than 2000+ Doodles Adorned Its Homepage.

Its First Doodle Was Created Before The Company Incorporated. A Buring Man-Inspired Logo Was Put On The Homepage. It took Two Year Time To Animate Doodles. On 31 October 2000, The First Animated Doodle With Motion Graphics Arrived To Celebrate Halloween.

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