How to Get Amazon Prime Video Free

How to Get Amazon Prime Video Free

Amazon Prime Video is a part of Amazon Prime service. There are many types of services offered by Amazon to amazon prime users like free delivery, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video and others. Amazon Prime Video for free is not a dream it is possible but with some tricks. You can read all the benefits of Amazon Prime subscription on the Amazon Prime Detail Page.

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Amazon Prime Video Details :

Amazon Prime subscription has two plans, first is the yearly plan and second is the monthly plan. The monthly plan is quite easy for someone to pay because it charges only Rs. 129 for a month while the other plan is yearly which is of Rs. 999. Both of the plans are made for the convenience of the users and provides the same benefits. Amazon Prime Video also has another plan which is for free but the plan is a trial-based plan. This trial plan is for all Credit cards and for some Debit cards which are Citi, Kotak, ICICI, Deutsche and Canara(this list is fluctuating so check it on the transaction page).

This plan is for those who want to try the services of Amazon Prime before paying any penny. The trial plan gives all the benefits of Amazon Prime but for this, you have to give your Credit card or Debit card details and they will charge Rs. 2 (which will be refunded to your card) from your card to verify that your credentials are right. After that, you will be able to use Amazon Prime free for one month.

Keep in mind that this membership will auto-renew after one month period so cancel it before the end date of the membership. If you do not cancel the membership before the renewal date than the company will automatically deduct Rs. 999 from your card so keep in mind to cancel it if you don’t want to further use the Prime services. You can use the trial for one time from one account. If you want to use Amazon Prime services again then you have to use it from another Amazon account.

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