How To Find Password Of Connected Wi-Fi on Your Windows 10 PC

How To Find Password Of Connected Wi-Fi on Your Windows 10 PC

Wi-Fi makes a great role in today’s internet world. It sometimes happens that we connect our desktop or laptop to the Wi-Fi network and after sometime we forget the password which can make a problem to connect that Wi-Fi to your other devices. So to resolve it, the first option which will come in your mind is to reset the device but this will lose all your Wi-Fi data and will also take the time. So the other option is to find the password of the WiFi device from the device on which you are currently using that Wi-Fi.

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Find Password Of Your Wi-Fi on Windows 10 :

  • Click on Windows button which is placed at the bottom left.
  • Then Go to Settings and then click on Network & Internet option. 
  • Then you have to click on the Network and Sharing Center option.
  • At the Network and Sharing Center, you have to click on the network, to which you are connected and want to find the password.
  • After it, you have to click on Wireless Properties button and after it, you have to move to Security window and after clicking on Show Characters button you will be able to see the password of that Wi-Fi network. 

This feature will work or will show you the password when you have already used the Wi-Fi in past. It doesn’t give you access to the Wi-Fi network which is not saved in your Windows 10 PC. For any recommendation, you can write to  Suggest Us page

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