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In 2016, Netflix Launched Its Own Speedtest Website Named To Measure And Check Your Internet Speed Is The Best Option Because It Does Not Have Any Lengthy Page And Netflix’s Massive Bandwidth Could Also be The Main Point Of The Loading Fast Without Blinking Eyes. According To Netflix, Performed 500Million Speed Test On The Website, iOS And Android Apps And Also Told By Netflix That It Has Doubled Up Over 7 Months.

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Speedtest.Net Is Also The Best Option To See The Internet Speed But Loads Faster Than Speedtest.Net. Since Its Launch (2016) there Is the Only Option Is To Measure Download Speed But Latestly Is Showing A New Feature On Its Website, iOS And Android App That Is Showing Upload Speed, Latency.

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Now We Came To The Next Step That How To See This? At First, You Have To Open or iOS Or Android App Of Fast. Then After Measuring Download Speed, You Can See ‘Show More Info’ Button Click On It. It’ll Initiate A Another Search That Shows You Uploaded, Loaded Latencies As Well As Upload Speed.

Speedtest Sample

It Also Shows You Your Internet IP And The ISP’s Name As Well As Testing Server Location And Your Location. I Can’t Say Whether Its Uploaded, Downloaded Latencies, As Well As The Download And Upload Speed, Is Accurate But As I Seen The Download, Upload And Latencies On Netflix’s Server Seems Right.

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