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Facebook Security Breach: 50 Million Accounts Hacked

Facebook On Friday Claimed That It Had Fixed A Security Vulnerability That Could Have Allowed Hackers To Log Into About 50 Million User Accounts. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg Confirmed About Breach In Facebook Post And Also Claimed That The Company Was Not Sure Whether These Accounts Were Misused Or Not. So What Is The Cause Of Breach? How Many Accounts Were Affected And What You Can Do About It Now? We Will Tell You.

Facebook Claims To Have Patched The Vulnerability And Additionally, Users Affected By The Hack Have Been Forced To Sign-In To Their Accounts Once Again. If You Have Been Logged Out Of Your Account Tonight Chances Are That Your Account May Have Been Hacked.

In Blog Post Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Vice President Of Product Management Detailed That Attackers Exploited A Vulnerability In The “View As” Feature, A Feature That Allows Users To See That How Their Profile Looks Like To Someone Else. Rosen Said, It Is Clear That Attackers Exploited A Vulnerability In Facebook’s Code That Impacted”View As” This Allowed Them To Steal Facebook Access Tokens Which They Could Then Use To takeover People’s Accounts.

Facebook Said That It Is Working With FBI To Get To The Root Of The Attack. Facebook Has Over Two Billion Active Users And The Breach Affected Almost 2.5 Percent Of The Users.

In Post On Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Said, “This Is Really Serious Issue And We’re Taking It Seriously. We Have A Major Security Effor At The Company That Harden Surfaces And Investigations Issues Like This. I’m Glad We Found This And We Were Able To Fix The Vulnerability And Secure The Accounts. It Definitely Is An Issue That This Happened In The First Place. This Underscore The Attacks That Our Platform And Community Face.”

The  “View As” Feature Was Introduced Sometime In July 2017 And Facebook Discovered About The Hack This Week. So It’s Not Clear That When The Hack Took Place And For How Long Hackers Had Your Data.

There Are About 2 Billion Facebook Users Out Of Which 90 Million Accounts Were Affected. Out Of These 50 Million Were Hacked And Rest Of 40 Million Were “Rebooted” As They Too Used The “View As” Feature.

Zuckerberg In Facebook Post Also Said That How They Fixed This. Zuckerberg Said That The Bug Which Led To Hack Has Been Patched. As A Precautionary Measure, Facebook Is Temporarily Turning Off “View As” Feature And For Additional Precautionary Measure, Facebook Is Logging Out Those Users Who Used The “View As” Feature Since The Vulnerability Introduced. Facebook Said If Your Account Got Hacked Than Facebook Will Notify You. The Notification Message Will Appear On Top Of The News Feed.

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