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Facebook Added A Snooze Button For Muting People, Groups

Facebook Works Hardly To Give Users Best Thing. So In This Way Facebook Added A New Snooze Button. This Option Can Easily Be Found On Top Right Of DropdDrop Menu On A Post .
So The Question Came In Mind That What This Feature Can Do ? It’s Answer Is This Feature Gives You The Control To Mute Content From A Person, Group or Page For 30 Days . This Feature Will Effect On Your News Feed . For Example If Your Friend Who Posts Many Photos In A Day Or Week So You Can See The Photos In Your News Feed But If You Snoozed Him Then Your News Feed Will Not Show His Updates. This Feature Works As You Unfollowed Him .

So If You Want To Activate This Feature Go To Your News Feed And Here You Can See Updates From Pages, People . Then Go To Nay Post And Click On Drop-Down Menu Of It Here You Can See Snooze
For 30 Days Option Click On It.

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