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Dark mode in Google Chrome

How To Enable Dark Mode In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is expected or rumoured to support built-in dark mode for Windows 10. Some Other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. So the question is why we should make use of ‘dark mode’? The dark mode helps in reducing battery consumption on some of the AMOLED display devices and also countering eye fatigue. You can do this by two types which are –

Enabling Dark Mode In Google Chrome By Installing Extension:-

You can download and install Extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store. In my opinion, you can download ‘Super Dark Mode‘ extension. It will automatically be applied to all website you visit but not just on chrome home. This extension is work very well, I also have tried it. 

You can turn it on or off by clicking on the top right toolbar. Here you can also see that How To Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10. This extension will cover everyplace on opened pages but some places it doesn’t.

Enabling Dark Mode In Google Chrome By Installing Theme:-

The second option is that you can install the dark theme from the Google Chrome Web Store. On the Google Chrome Web Store, you can find a lot of dark themes. As I had tried, I suggest you use ‘Morpheon Dark‘ theme. It turns the tab bar, new tab and toolbar page into the dark but it will not make any effect on “settings” page.

Basically, for the conclusion of this, I just want to say that the extension will be better than the theme.

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