How To Automatically Enable Night Light On Windows 10

How To Automatically Enable Night Light On Windows 10

Night Light Mode feature of Windows 10 makes the display colour warmer. The Screens emit bright white light which is actually blue. So come to the fact, The sunlight spectrum in the morning is actually nearer to the blue light and at the time of evening the sunlight changes to a more red colour.

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The Night Light is a feature provided by Microsoft on Windows 10 which works on a popular screen lighting filter tool or feature called f.lux. Researches also show that if we reduce the amount of using blue light during the evening, it can make a positive effect on our sleep patterns. To schedule or automatically enable night light mode on Windows 10 you have to follow these steps:-

  • At first, Click on Start and then click on the gear icon to open settings. 
  • Then Click on ‘System’. 
  • Then in Display settings, you will find ‘Night Light’ option toggle it and turn on it. It will turn on the night light of your pc but we want to schedule it so it will automatically be turned on. See further to schedule it. 
  • To schedule it, you have to click on “Night Light Settings”.  
  • Then here you will see “Schedule” on the new page. Toggle it to turn it on. Here you can also adjust the colour temperature. 
  • After toggling it on, you can set the turn on and turn off time of Night Light. If you want to set it to sunset to sunrise option, you have to Turn on the location of your device. 
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