This is an about-us page which will give you the detail of our journey from start to current. Started and made on September 13, 2016, without any thinking that this idea will become bigger and at a large scale. In starting, this AdvanceWrite website made upon Google’s Blogger Platform and at that time the URL for the blog was and after two years in 2018, shifted to WordPress platform. This Blog Is Designed And Created By Jitesh Sharma. It Is A Thinking Of Jitesh Sharma To Make It. Our goal is to provide people with Tech Knowledge in an easy way with great content. We also provide tricks, How-To on topics like FacebookYoutubeWhatsappGoogle. If You Find Something Wrong You Can Go To Contact-Me Page Or Can Email Me At Advancewrite Mail.

Our Journey :

We don’t believe in long writing we believe to write the exact size that can easily fit in your mind. We believe to give you knowledge with clear sentences. We write simply so that you wouldn’t have to translate those words, you can easily think the mean of the sentence. AdvanceWrite is made by Jitesh Sharma and it is currently also written by Jitesh Sharma. Jitesh Sharma is the author, writer and tech blogger. AdvanceWrite is in a mission to provide good knowledge with short, simple and easily gainable words. We are also working on some other functions and we will let you know about them in the meantime. AdvanceWrite is growing day-by-day and all the thanks go to the visitors. We are also making handshake with some other persons for giving you the latest news at the same time. AdvanceWrite is not a company it is just a website. We Started Our Campaign In 2016 on blogger and We Revamped in 2018 and move to the WordPress. Before moving to WordPress, we have tried it by choosing for free blog and then after it, we permanently moved to WordPress self-hosting with Bluehost’s great hosting network.